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New to the sport? A few pointers to get you on your way:

Check out this fun running infographic.  It's packed with running tips, interesting facts about the history of marathons and the health benefits that running provides.
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San Francisco Running Advice

San Francisco runners on the Golden Gate bridge
Hand holding a cup of water during a San Francisco race
Just do it!
There is an initial fear of starting.
Many people think to themselves,  "I'm not that fast," or "I can't go that far," or "I need to lose weight." The only way to address these fears is to actually just do it.
No one cares if you are slow or cannot go that far. All of this takes practice and time. Getting yourself to go on a run is the step in the right direction.

But don't over do it!
At the same time, once you get going, there might be a desire to really push yourself.
Doing so is a recipe for injury!
If you are new, take time to get your body used to your new found passion.  The last thing you want is to injure yourself just when you started.
So, don't feel like you have to push yourself or prove something. Work up to your goal and it will make the sense of accomplishment all the more sweet.
Stay hydrated!
Obviously, this is very important (and it is not just a matter of drinking after a run).
You need to stay hydrated all the time.
Even though the "drink 8 glasses of water" myth is not a valid measure of how much you you should drink (trust the good doctor!), increasing your consumption of fluids when you run is vital.

The amount you need is different depending on who you are and what you do; find out how much is right for you with this simple Hydration Calculator (9 little steps to get an answer; 30 seconds)!